In food we trust

We create tasty and tasteful food brands 

"Al contadino non far sapere quant'è buono il formaggio con le pere"

(«Do not let the peasant know how good cheese is with pears»)

Our brand name is inspired on an Italian proverb that shows how our daily culture is deeply rooted in food.

We believe in the cultural and social role of food.

On real brands that offer truthful experiences that appeal to their clients senses.

In the power of sharing and discovering together around a table, either a kitchen or a meeting room one.* 


*We always bring food to meetings, anyway…

S letter

Keep it simple

Cheese. Pears. That's it. We like to call things by their names, avoiding useless additional information. Without added artificial colourings or preservatives.

Keep it good

We value quality over quantity, as we do with raw ingredients. A team of 3 might be better than a team of 30 if every member is driven by quality and excellence on its sector.

Keep it yours

There is not a universal favorite dish, as there is not a universal formula for brand success. Adaptability and flexibility are key for us when planning a strategy.